Activities and projects

ALTEMS mainly develops its activities across four areas:

ALTEMS organises Master Courses, in collaboration with the Faculties of Economics and of Medicine of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and in collaboration with the Teaching Hospital "Agostino Gemelli", which is a “laboratory” in which course students can apply in practice what they have learned in theory.
In order to offer participants a full integration of skills, lessons are held  by full professors as well as by professionals and experts of the health care sector.
Internships and workshops are part of the curriculum, and are carried out in collaboration with companies and public as well as private institutions belonging to the NHS.
Students  who complete the training courses and pass their assessment tests, will achieve the title of Master’s degree.

ALTEMS offers educational programmes dedicated to managerial qualification for people already covering leading positions in public and private health care institutions and companies.
Executive education programmes also include Summer Schools, which are short intensive courses focused on specific topics.
Lessons are held both by full professors, professionals and experts, in order to combine theoretical knowledge and already implemented concrete experiences. Courses are held in the week-end.

ALTEMS organises conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops in a perspective of high qualification, oriented primarily to the development of a prepared managerial class, aware of the complexity that the government of the health sector presents to individuals and society as a whole.

Research activities are linked principally to “inter-faculty” initiatives and are expressed in studies and consultancies in those fields in which multiple competences of managerial, economic, quantitative and legal nature, applied to the health sector and related industries, are most required. The main aim of the research carried out in ALTEMS is to enhance the training programmes offered and the qualification attained.