Middle East: Scenarios and Dynamics

Middle East has become, since decades, a crucial region in the international system for political, geostrategic and economical reasons. Whether you are working in private sector, journalism, NGOs, public agencies or consultancies, you’ll increasingly have the need to acquire specific competences to face the challenges arising from working with this fascinating yet complex area.

A new opportunity for executives and professionals who are willing to achieve a better understanding of the Middle East, increase their knowledge of this region, and foster their skills in complex operations at international level.

The Executive Program in “Middle East: Scenarios and Dynamics” comes from ASERI experience in post-graduate studies and executive training programs, as well as its expertise in international and Middle Eastern geopolitics.

ASERI offers:

- A tailored modular structure

- An international Faculty from the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.: professors and experts who have a long experience as in situ professionals or field-researchers

- A multidisciplinary approach

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Academic Year
Start date
14 January 2016
End date
30 June 2016