Director's Welcome


Prof. Vittorio E. Parsi

As I take on this honorable new role as Director of ASERI, Graduate School of Economics and International Relations, it has become significantly evident that this unique education and research center is working harder each day to meet the challenges of this fast-paced and transforming global society in which we live in.

ASERI proactively educates and guides its students to become successful individuals, and find avenues of opportunities.

We encourage our students to bring forth their ideas, their knowledge, and views, and for this reason peer-learning is fundamental. Students also come into contact with globally renowned professors and partake in interactive workshops hosted by guest lecturers. Learning however extends beyond the classroom and firsthand experience fosters accelerated learning.

We believe in our students because they are the future of the international economies and politics, and we believe dynamic and contemporary training will prepare our young professionals to effectively operate in international organizations and institutions, multinational companies, and NGOs. Our students are also taught to question ideologies in order to create effective discourse.

I look forward to sharing these achievements with our students and staff members as we continue to evolve as a Graduate School of Economics and International Relations.

Vittorio E. Parsi