Research Lab on the International Meeting Industry – LAMCI

Objective & Activities

Research Lab on the International Meeting Industry - LAMCI
LAMCI Lab is an initiative developed by ASERI in collaboration with Fiera Milano Congressi, a Gruppo Fiera Milano company, that has been a leader in international convention center management in Italy since 1994.

Objective & Activities
The core objective of the Laboratory is to enable a permanent monitoring of the meeting industry in Europe especially about large-scale events. It endeavors to do so by collecting data from the field and organizing systematically the collected information in order to provide a comprehensive representation of the relevant phenomena and trends.

The scope of LAMCI statistics is the systematic and periodic collection of data on European Convention centres with almost 2.000 seats and on the related association and corporate meetings.

These statistics may be important for a wide knowledge about:

  • the structure of meeting centre in Europe (capacity of convention area, meeting area, exhibition hall and catering area, services and equipment) per country and per city;
  • the number of events (by subjects) and the average participants per convention centre;
  • economic data on convention centre (number of employees, turnover, etc.).


Una stima dell'impatto del turismo congressuale sull'economia di Milano (154,67 KB)

LAMCI Abstract 2013 (99,74 KB)

Milano e i congressi internazionali: posizionamento in Europa e impatto economico (1727,92 KB)

European Congress Venues Report 2011 – Executive Summary (128,32 KB)