A toolkit to assess the transferability of evidence produced in other jurisdictions and decision-making levels

Toolkit provided within Work Package 8 of the project “Improved methods and actionable tools for enhancing HTA” (IMPACT HTA)

Objective of toolkit:

A number of hospital contextual factors are able to affect the extent to which health technologies are capable of producing their effects on hospital performance. HTA is frequently carried out in other settings, such as in institutional bodies, research centres, other healthcare organizations, bringing hospitals to use its evidence without contextualizing it within its specific organizational boundaries. This toolkit provides guidance in systematizing those contextual variables that can affect the concrete implementation of health technologies and, in turn, their impact on hospital performance.

The toolkit is to be intended as an assessment of the overall adequacy of the organizational context in the implementation of a specific health technology. Therefore, this analysis should be repeated in all circumstances in which a costly technology must be assessed. The overall framework of the toolkit, though, can be further extended to general considerations on hospitals’ readiness to implement technology use.

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