At a Glance

ALTEMS aims to provide a space for cultural growth, integrating different disciplines and methodologies, with an eye on tradition, without forgetting to reflect on humanity and its dignity.

Medicine and economy at the service of the people.

Prof. Americo Cicchetti, the Director of ALTEMS

Healthcare is one of the main representations of the welfare systems. Its efficiency needs to be harmonised with equity and solidarity, to equally allocate its resources according to the principles of justice and respecting the preferences of the society.

The ones who are called to decide how to optimize the resources in this field on a macro (political), meso (organizational), and micro (clinical) level, must learn how use sophisticated programming, management, analysis and assessment tools and, also, to develop strong ethical and moral characteristics to protect the balance between the uniqueness of the human life and the welfare system.

The training of healthcare decision-makers such as physicians, managers, or politicians, requires models and approaches inspired by economy and management studies reinterpreted in philosophical and moral terms to be effective among institutions and healthcare organizations.

Università Cattolica has accepted the challenge to create an environment where medicine studies meet economy, management, law, and technical studies but also, to inspire a different level of decisions by philosophy, ethics and bioethics considerations.





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