Audience and Admission Requirements 

The Course is primarily addressed to:

i) representatives of patients’ organizations and patient advocates
ii) institutions’ leaders and managers
iii) pharmaceutical companies’ leaders and managers.

The Course is addressed to Italian and foreign citizens who already have a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification in healthcare, medicine, pharmacy, humanities, sociology, economics, management, communications, and marketing, achieved in any Italian or foreign university and afferent to any of the classes indicated by the DM 26 luglio 2007.

A certificate of equivalence of qualification needs to be attached to titles achieved abroad.

Previous experience in patient advocacy is qualifying but not necessary.

The maximum number of participants for the Master Course in International Patient Advocacy Management is 30. 18 places are reserved to patients’ representatives.

To be admitted to the Course, the candidates need to pass an interview to verify their motivation, knowledge about patient advocacy and English language.
To be admitted to the Course, the candidates need to reach the minimum grade established by the commission before the interview and the titles examination.

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