International Patient Advocacy Management - IPAM

Second level university master course|  Academic year:  2024-2025| Application deadline: December 31, 2024

The II level University Master Course in International Patient Advocacy Management is established at the initiative of the Patient Advocacy Lab, of the Graduate School of Economics and Management of Healthcare Organizations (ALTEMS), of the Graduate School of Psychology Agostino Gemelli (ASAG), of the Faculty of Economics and of the Faculty of Medicine “A. Gemelli”, in collaboration with EngageMinds Hub - Consumer, Food & Health Engagement Research Center of Università Cattolica and the Foundation Policlinico universitario “Agostino Gemelli” – IRCCS and in partnership with European Patients Forum (EPF).

The II level University Master Course lasts one academic year for 60 credits in total, equal to 1500 hours.

The Course is addressed to those who already have a master’s degree (EQF level 7) and aims to provide a professional training to develop management skills for citizens’ and patients’ organizations operating in the healthcare sector.

The course will provide to the student the management skills required for a successful coordination and development of the activities of patients’ organizations in the reference healthcare scenario.

To this end, testimonials from different healthcare frameworks will be part of the Course.

The participants who complete the training course and pass the final evaluation test will receive the II level University Master’s Degree in International Patient Advocacy Management.

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