Second level university master course
Academic year: 2022/2023
Location: Rome
Application deadline:
February 20, 2023


Il Master è inserito nell'iniziativa PA 110 e lode che prevede una scontistica dedicata per i dipendenti delle pubbliche amministrazioni. 

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- degli iscritti alla Gestione Assistenza Magistrale

Scadenza: ore 12 del 16 dicembre 2022


Management of healthcare and life science organizations

The Post Graduate School of Health Economics and Management (ALTEMS), which hosts this international Master, is among the leading Schools in healthcare management in Italy and in Europe.

Developing healthcare management skills in Italy is a particularly stimulating experience due to the peculiar features of the Italian National Healthcare System, which provides high quality services while guaranteeing universal coverage to its entire population.

The environment in which healthcare organizations are currently operating is increasingly characterized by turbulence and complexity. Many healthcare systems around the world are urged to change due to new epidemiological trends, to economic crises, and to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, to meet the needs of aging, multi-pathological and chronic patients, yet pursuing the unquestionable need of remaining sustainable, healthcare systems must necessarily accelerate the so called “digital revolution”.

This is key to provide health services in effective ways in appropriate settings (including patients’ homes). Public health systems and the life sciences industry are today a single ecosystem that need new managerial profiles to ensure sustainability and development.

Consequently, healthcare managers need a multi-faceted set of new skills to address these challenges successfully. Developing them in an international program sharpens the ability to learn from different experiences and to contextualize or adapt successful strategies to one’s own reality.

The Master obtained in 2019 the accreditation of "Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale (ASFOR)".

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