SUMMER SCHOOL: Health Care Management

The environment in which health care organizations are currently operating is increasingly characterized by turbulence. Many health care systems around the globe are changing. The welfare state of many countries has been urged to be revisited in light of the economic crisis and the shrinking of public finance.
In addition, we are assisting at an increasing modification of patients' health needs. The incidence of elderly people on the whole population is much greater than in the past and the demand of patients is radically changed. What patients are continuously asking for is the provision of a whole set of integrated services rather than single episodes of care. This requires the adoption of innovative organizational models providing integration within organizational boundaries, as well as between hospital and primary care sectors.
In this context, in order to be able to keep up with patient needs and expectations delivering high quality care in an efficient way, the key driver is both technological innovation and innovation in the organization of healthcare delivery processes.
Thereafter, health care executives are urged to update their managerial competences and skills, improving their knowledge on how to promote and lead innovation, implement change effectively and monitor results.

With the Summer School participants will be able to:

  • upgrade their managerial competencies in the healthcare field;
  • develop state of the art knowledge of current trends in hospital governance, organization and management;
  • open up the mindset of executives towards new models, considering what happens in other countries;
  • learn more about best practices (in Italy and abroad);
  • understand the critical conditions to successfully innovate the organization of healthcare delivery processes;
  • develop the new contacts and create a new community of professionals.

In general Health Care Management Summer School aims to create a network of Managers who want to share their experience and expertise and compare their practices with the ones of their colleagues. People with managerial responsibility in health care delivery organizations are likely to benefit from a learning environment of both in-country and international peers which enables cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge.


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